Root Samsung Galaxy J5 Easily – Guide.

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Are you using a Samsung Galaxy J5? Were you searching for a way to root Galaxy J5? You have just found a way to do it.  So today on Android Pioneer let’s talk about how to root Samsung Galaxy J5.This 

Save Battery on Any Android – Increase Battery Life

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Save Battery on Any Android - Increase Battery Life

Low battery, empty battery or quick discharge of smartphone battery are common problems faced by everyone. Generally big, vibrant AMOLED and LCD and huge apps acts the main role of eating your battery. There are plenty of things to save 

KingoRoot Download PC and APK-Complete Guide

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Root Android with KingoRoot (PC)-Complete Guide

Download KingoRoot Android (PC Software) provides an easiest way to root most of the devices to all the Android lovers around the world. KingoRoot download, root Android mobile PC based software is really simple to use. You will need to 

Heimdall rooting software for Linux and Mac OS.

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Heimdall rooting software for Linux and Mac OS.

Configuring root access on any Android device is not a simple process for everyone, it requires some advanced computer based skills. Before exploring “What is Heimdall?” It’s better to discuss several advantages of rooting an Android. Remove bloat-ware. Prepare complete 

5 best new Android games top pick for October

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5-best-new android games top pick for-october-dan-the-man

Gaming apps for Android, they become stronger and advanced with better improvements throughout every month. There are so many newly added titles on the Google Play Store. You might be an addicted gamer or a casual gamer. No matter who 

Speed Up Android | How to Increase Performance on Smartphones?

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Have you been using the same android phone for a while? Are you really bored because it keeps getting stuck all the time and getting very slow? So today in Android Pioneer I’m going to talk about why it happens 

Android Factory Reset | How to Reset your Android Remotely?

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Are you hoping to have another fresh start with your Android smartphone or need an Android factory reset on your device? It is called such that, because it brings your device a fresh feeling and restores it to the most 

Mobile phone battery exploding-Reasons behind | exploding Note 7-Explained.

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All of us are little bit curious about the reasons of mobile phone battery exploding. The above topic has become a hot gossip out of the box with recent situation regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Exploding a battery is really 

What is Android? – Guide for Android Beginners from “Android Pioneer”.

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Android really means a several number of various parts — but finally the recipe is really delicious and all good. Consider the word Android, you may hear or see this in many situations in the internet mobile markets or at consumer